Our story

216 million years ago in a parallel universe, the earth never separated, keeping the continents united, which caused the perfect conditions for another race to rise as the predominant one on earth, The Sphynx.

Without any territorial limitations to escape the cold, the Sphynx developed rapidly, forming advanced colonies around the world.

At this time and with the assistance of other inter-planetary forces, the Sphynx discovered a way to travel across the different metaverses to share their technology and trade with the different species that inhabit them.

The Shynx Club is an organization that proliferated rapidly among the different colonies, financing and generating wealth among its members with trade between the different multiverses.

Welcome to The Sphynx Club

Traits & Specs

The Sphynx Club is a collection of 6666 NFTs with seven different attributes; backgrounds, body colors, outfits, mouths, head styles, eyes and accesories, all hand-drawn by @pira_tattoo, resulting in over three million possible combinations, each NFT being absolutely unique.

Your NFT might be common, uncommon, rare, epic, or mythic, depending on the rarity of the qualities.

More info coming soon...

Coming Soon

Why buy The Sphynx Club NFT


Holders will have the possibility to stake their nft to get monthly passive income based on royalties, merchandise sales and the metaverse. Stake, earn $TSC, more info about tokenomics on Whitepaper.


You will become part of an active and exclusive community of people with similar interests, ideas... Where you can expand your network.


Holders will be able to enter the major metaverses through their NFT, ROAD MAP V2 Operation Metaverse.

The Sphynx Club Fund

A fund will be created with a portion of the profits from the collection, with which the community can decide what it will be used for, potential business opportunities, burning floor, etc. With this The Sphynx Club intends to create a community involved and decision making.


20% off on all The Sphynx Club merch to all holders of our NFTs. The merch will be lighters, hoodies, eco friendly cups, caps and sticker decals.

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Sr. Wazowski

The Legendary

Spring Roll

Angel Investor

Mr. 8085




What is The Sphynx Club?

The Sphynx Club is an NFT collection that gives you access to an exclusive royalty and commission earning community designed to provide passive income through staking and exclusive access to holders.

How Many NFTs Are There?

There is a supply of 6666 NFTs that are randomly generated and stylistically generated that exist on the Solana Blockchain.

When Is The Mint Date?

A private pre-sale will be available to whitelisted members tentatively on TBA. There are 4.444 whitelist spots available and are selected via discord. Public sale will be available to all members tentatively on TBA.

How Much Will It Cost?

Both Pre-sale and Public mint price is TBA.

In What Secondary Marketplaces Will The Sphynx Club Be Verified On?

Being on the Solana blockchain we will be on Magic Eden (https://www.magiceden.io/).

Who Designed The Sphynx Club?

The Sphynx Club are designed by @Pira_tattoo. With the help of a team of like-minded individuals always looking for how to progress and improve this project.